Blood Donation Camp

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A blood donation camp, with the help of Netram Eye Foundation, Delhi was organized on 10.09.2017 at CR Park. Many workers and their family members voluntarily donated blood. They were made aware of the importance of the event i.e. they were donating blood and that was meant for a good cause. It was also explained that there is a shortage of over 1 lakh units of blood for patients in Delhi and NCR itself. Many accident victims, innocent children suffering from thalassaemia, pregnant women, cancer patients and other people in life threatening situations die due to shortage of blood. We at Virgo Group promised ourselves to continue the good work by helping the society.

Better Environment

Sadly Delhi is now one of the world’s most polluted cities, with air pollution rising everyday – and that’s having a very serious effect on all of us who are trying to live a healthy life. It is now estimated that 30,000 people are dying prematurely every year in Delhi because of air pollution.
Isn’t it Scary?
Keeping in mind the condition of people who work on roads for earning their bread, we tried to lend a helping hand by distributing the filter masks they could use while working. We only tried to #HelpDelhiBreathe and protect our climate by fighting air pollution in our city.