shuttering plywood

Virgo offers a high quality Shuttering IS : 4990, Concrete Shuttering Plywood. It is a multi functional product, which can be used in construction industry for buildings, bridges, heavy industry and structures etc. for use on walls, slabs, columns and beams etc. In Virgo Concrete Shuttering Plywood, compression is about 60% more as compared to ordinary Film Face Shuttering plywood available in market. Extra compression leads to better nailing and screw holding properties. Its load bearing capacity is also enhanced due to extra compression. It is manufactured by selecting quality veneers impregnated with modified RPF resin for longer life and better performance in all applications. Impregnation of resin in veneers is more than 30% to the weight of veneers.


Factories and buildings, sewer construction, construction of swimming pool, bridge construction, exterior and general shuttering work, beams and every construction and foundation job.